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The amount of bundles/hair packs necessary for a full head sew-in are solely variant upon the lengths of the bundles you are purchasing. Since each bundle is the exact same in weight, keep in mind that the longer the hair, the shorter the width of the weft. Here is our guide:

Hair 10” through 30” in length:

We recommend a minimum of 3 bundles/packs, though 3 should most often times cover your full head sew-in. We recommend 4 bundles if you are seeking a very full look.

Note: We also recommend one lace closure or frontal if you are wanting to cover up your own hair or in the event you are bald, balding, or thinning out in the front or top of your head.

Hair 30”+ in length:

We recommend a minimum of 4 bundles, though 4 bundles will most often times cover your full head sew-in. We recommend 4 to 5 bundles if you are seeking a very full look.

Each bundle/pack of hair weights a total of 100 grams/3.5 ounces

150% density or 180% density depending on witch density you choose when selecting your wig to buy.

With proper care should last you many months. Here are a few must read tips to help you along the way.

Always brush your hair before going to bed.  Always use a wide tooth brush or detangling comb and gently brush the hair while holding it down with your other hand to prevent unnecessary tension and pulling.Before shampooing your hair, always detangle it.  Always wash your hair gently in a downward motion using your fingers.  Do not scrub or bunch hair together as this will cause the cuticles to open up and rub against each other which would then cause tangling. Always condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner such as silicon mix.  This alone will make a huge difference. Every 4 times or so you wash your hair, add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your shampoo and water mix.  Apple cider vinegar will clarify it, add shine, and remove build up from your hair. You can also condition wash your virgin hair, this means skipping the shampoo and using your conditioner just like you would your shampoo. If possible, be patient with your virgin hair weave and let it air dry after washing it. Apply a small amount of natural virgin oil 2 to 3 times per week as required. Avoid alcohol based products for your hair as alcohol is very drying to hair. Moisturize your hair as needed with high quality leave in moisturizers and conditioners. Last but not least, our virgin weave extensions are very high quality, very little product is needed.  Do not weight down your hair by using too much unnecessary products.